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What Payment Method We Accept

We accept: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash and Litecoin.

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What is AIroboticTrade

AIroboticTrade is an Artificial Intelligence Robot that trade different market.

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What Market Do we Trade?

AIroboticTrade trade on Forex, Cryptocurrencies and Volatility Index Market.

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Can i have Multiple Account?

Yes, User can have multiple account, as long all account are active.

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What about my information?

All information are secure from end to end using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

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How do i withdraw?

Withdraw Daily from 1st to 30th of each month and all withdraws are been Approved within 24hrs.

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Can i Transfer Money

Yes. User's can be able to transfer money to another User's. Note : The Money will be deducted from the sender earning.

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What the minimum withdraw?

The Minimum withdraw that every user's can be able to withdraw on each transaction is 15$.

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